The 5 Best Wall Mount Basketball Hoop of 2018

Updated: March 26, 2018

There’s nothing in the world quite like basketball. When you pick up the ball, you can almost feel electricity in the air. You step out on the court, and the roar of the crowd comes alive in your ears as you drive towards the basket. You spin around an invisible defender and take a step back as your fadeaway sinks into the basket with a satisfying swoosh.

Basketball is amazing. It is equal parts endurance, competition and skill. The game brings people together, reaching across age and gender and occupation into some fun and exciting and pure. It’s no wonder so many people enjoy playing the game.

Of course, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy a friendly game, and you don’t need a bulky portable hoop or an expensive in-ground installation either. Maybe you have a modest budget. Maybe you just don’t have the space for a standard basketball hoop. If so, a wall-mounted hoop may be the way to go.

This guide will provide a brief overview of the three main types of basketball hoop and the benefits of each one. We will then focus specifically on the features of wall-mounted basketball hoops. Finally, we will feature our top-five product reviews, including a brief overview of the our picks, followed by a more in-depth look at each of the products.

Picking the Right Basketball Hoop

If you want to make a smart buying decision, it helps to know what your options are. No hoop is the right fit for everybody, so let’s take a quick look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of the three types of hoop.


Nothing matches the stability or performance of an in-ground hoop, especially high-end models with glass backboards and one-piece supports. Unfortunately, those top tier hoops typically cost over $1000, and that doesn’t even include the installation costs. Still, there are cheaper models available, and if you have an aspiring athlete at home, an in-ground hoop may well be worth the cost.


It took a while for portable hoops to gain popularity, but today they are the most popular family hoop around. They come in a wide array of styles and are able to fit almost any budget. However, they tend to have stability issues, which often makes them a poor choice for dunking. Their affordability and portability make them a good choice for renters or for anyone who enjoys flexibility.


Although they’ve declined in popularity in recent years thanks to the invention of the portable hoop, wall-mounted hoops are generally less expensive and are perfectly suited for friendly games in the driveway. They take up minimal room, and they come in a wide assortment of varieties and price ranges.

What You Need to Know About Wall-Mounted Hoops

The first thing you need to know about wall-mounted hoops is that they are generally divided into two categories: indoor, or mini hoops, and outdoor, or regular hoops. Outdoor hoops come with a wide variety of backboard sizes, but indoor hoops tend to be smaller, don’t generally have regulation-sized baskets and often aren’t meant for dunking.

But that’s not all you need to know. A goal is only as good as its backboard and its rim, so let take a closer look at these features. Knowing what to look for will help you buy the right hoop for your home and family.

The Backboard

The backboard is one of the most critical elements of a hoop system. It does far more than simply support the rim and the basket. It is a critical component in facilitating a number of different plays, and of course it’s also important for rebounding missed shots.

Backboards come in a variety of materials, some better than others. The materials used affect not only the strength and durability of the board, but also how accurately it rebounds. If all you shoot are layups, any old material will do. But the further you step away from the rim to shoot, the more important the quality of the rebound.

1.Tempered Glass

When it comes to performance, nothing touches tempered glass. Glass backboards are used by the NBA and every other major basketball league in the world. They provide the best rebounding of any backboard, but they’re also the most expensive. They’re mainly used in in-ground basketball hoops, but there are expensive portable and wall-mounted hoops that employ them as well.


Acrylic backboards are made with a kind of durable plastic. Their performance is somewhat muted from glass backboards, but they still provide a good bounce, and they offer a better rebound than most various polycarbonate backboards. They are also generally more durable than polycarbonate, although there are some exceptions.


Polycarbonate backboards tend to be stiffer than other backboards. This makes them very durable but dampens their rebounding ability. They work well for layups, but mid-range shots won’t rebound nearly as far or as well, so if you’re trying to practice for a real game, they’re not your best bet.

The Rim

There are two basic types of rim: standard and breakaway. Standard rims were the norm for decades, but gave way to breakaway rims in the 1970s. Breakaway rims are fitted with springs which provide greater flexibility, which reduces the strain both on the rim and on your hands.


Most modern hoop systems use breakaway rims, but there are exceptions. You will often still fine standard rims on low-end wall-mounted and portable basketball hoops. Because they don’t have springs to bounce back, they tend to warp when dunked on frequently.


Breakaway rims can be divided into two subcategories: enclosed spring and exposed spring. The primary difference between the two if that exposed spring breakaways tend to protect the springs in a plastic casing. This protects the springs from the effects of weather and marginally improves their performance.

The Nine Yards

With in-ground and portable goals, you have to worry about how well the backboard is supported and how easily its height can be adjusted. Since wall-mounted hoops are stationary, both of these considerations are moot. However, there are other considerations to be made.

1.Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor hoops tend to be smaller, and often do not have full-sized rims. Such models often come with their own, smaller basketball and are generally geared towards smaller children. Most larger wall-mounted rims are designed to be affixed to an outside wall. Placing on inside your home and dunking on it could be disastrous.

2.Mounting Kits

Before you can put your new hoop to good use, you have to mount it. While some wall-mounted hoop systems come with a mounting kit, many others do not. This creates an additional expense when you’re looking to buy, so keep the price of a mounting kit in mind while you’re shopping around.

Our Recommendations


Lifetime 73650 Spalding NBA 44” Lifetime 73729 RAMgoal Mini Goalsetter GS48
What We Like 1. Low price fits any budget

2.Works with a variety of mounting systems

3. Comes with five-year warranty

1. Spalding is a trusted brand

2. Works with a variety of mounting systems

3. Comes with five-year warranty

1. Attractive design

2. Suitable for both indoor ans outdoor use

3. Comes with five-year warranty

1. Perfect size for smaller children

2. Adjustable height

3. Mounting kit included

1. High quality tempered glass backboard

2. Available in multiple sizes

3. Mounting kit included

What We Don’t Like 1. Mounting system not included

2. Graphics aren’t very stylish

1. Mounting system not included

2. Backboard is very thin

1. Mounting system not included


1. Indoor only

2. Hoop only fits miniature basketballs

1. Extremely expensive
Who Should Buy This? This is a good introductory hoop for learning basketball or for casual games. If you want a hoop that looks good, this comes the closest to looking like a premium hoop. One of the best options for an affordable wall mount goal. If you have small children or are in desperate need of rainy day activities, this is a godsend. If you’re looking for something an athlete in training could use, this is hands down the best wall mounted basketball hoop.

Wall-Mounted Hoops Under $75

1.Lifetime 73650 Shatterproof Backboard and Rim Combo Kit

At a Glance


Weight 23 pounds
Backboard Acrylic/Polycarbonate blend; 44 inches
Rim Exposed-spring breakaway
Warranty Five-year limited
Mounting Kit Not included


All of us have dreams and ambitions. We want to go places in life, accomplish amazing things. We don’t want to be held back by adversity, and we don’t want our expectations diminished from reality. The problem is, adversity drives us forward. It challenges us to be better, more determined. Adversity isn’t always pleasant, but it is often necessary.

Wall-mounted basketball hoops aren’t nearly as exciting as a traditional basketball hoop. They don’t adequately capture the layout of a basketball court, forcing you to adapt to new ways to play. A wall-mounted basketball hoop may not be a child’s first choice, but it gives them the tools they need to strive for excellence.

The Lifetime 73650 is one of several Lifetime wall-mounted basketball hoops. It’s 44 inch backboard provides a firm support and a decent amount of rebounding area, and the Slam It breakaway rim is well suited for dunking. One thing that’s nice about the wall-mounted system is that you don’t really have to worry about poor support, and the mixed-material backboard is durable enough to resist cracking for a long time.

The biggest problem with this hoop system is that the mounting kit is not included. While it’s not much of a hassle to buy the kit separately, it makes the price of the backboard/rim combo a little misleading. I would be perfectly willing to pay a little extra and get the mounting system included. It’s not a dealbreaker, but inconveniences are usually annoying.

Verdict: A good backboard and rim for the price. Suitable for playing with family and friends.

Check Price on Amazon

Wall-Mounted Hoops Under $100

2.Spalding NBA 44” Backboard/Rim Combo

At a Glance


Weight 34 pounds
Backboard Polycarbonate; 44 inches
Rim Exposed-spring breakaway
Warranty Five-year limited
Mounting Kit Not included


Spalding is almost as synonymous with the NBA as Michael Jordan or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Nowhere is this partnership more visible than on their basketball hoops, which bear the distinctive logo of a driving guard. (Rumor has it the man depicted is NBA legend Jerry West.)

The Spalding brand is known for it’s quality, and while their wall-mounted model may not be quite up to the standards of their portable and in-ground hoops, it still offers pretty good performance. Like the Lifetime 73650, it features a 44 inch backboard and a strong, sturdy 5/8 inch rim with plenty of flexibility.

This hoop system features a stylish design reminiscent of professional NBA hoops, and the polycarbonate backboard works quite well in close range, though the rebounds tend to fall short from mid-range. Although the polycarbonate backboard is a little thin, it is bolstered by a stainless steel rim.

Like the Lifetime hoop, the biggest issue I have with this hoop is again the lack of a mounting system. It’s frustrating because it means you have to find a compatible mounting system, and this can be especially challenging when you’re shopping online. I would gladly pay more to get everything I need all in one package.

Verdict: Backboard is a little thin, but rebounds well. Suitable for playing with family and friends.

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Wall-Mounted Hoops Under $100

3.Lifetime 73729 Backboard/Rim Combo

At a Glance


Weight 34 pounds
Backboard Polycarbonate; 48 inches
Rim Exposed-spring breakaway
Warranty Five-year limited
Mounting Kit Not included


The Lifetime 73729 48 inch backboard/rim combo is a definite step up from the two previous backboards. Although the graphics aren’t quite as crisp as the Spalding model and lack the awesome NBA logo, it still presents a crisp, opaque design that is light years ahead of the Lifetime 73650.

The 48 inch backboard is also an improvement over the previous models. Those extra four inches really help a lot, and the dimensions seem to more closely match the dimensions of a standard basketball hoop. The sturdy Slam It rim can take a lot of pressure without bending or warping, and the backboard is sturdy enough to comfortably absorb the impact of repeated dunks.

Another nice feature of this backboard are the weather-resistant materials. This helps to keep your graphics looking fresh and your materials free of rust even after years of wear and tear. The backboard is designed to work with almost any universal mount, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, although you’d need a large indoor area to set it up.

Once again, my biggest issue with this is that a mount isn’t included. Otherwise, this backboard and rim offer solid performance at a reasonable price.

Verdict: Works well both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for playing with family and friends.

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Wall-Mounted Hoops Under $100

4. RAMgoal Adjustable Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

At a Glance


Weight 13 pounds
Backboard Polycarbonate; 24 inches
Rim Enclosed-spring breakaway
Warranty Limited lifetime
Mounting Kit Included


With all of the incredible talent pooled in the NBA, it’s easy to think of basketball as a game for skilled, professional athletes. But basketball belongs to everyone. It’s hard for younger kids to play basketball with a traditional hoop, because even 7 ½ feet is pretty high for a five year old.

That’s what the RAMgoal is all about. This isn’t a hoop to hang on your garage door and have a shootaround with your neighbors. This is a hoop for younger kids who want an introduction to basketball. And man, what an introduction.

This is an excellent product. It may be small, but it is masterfully designed, with a durable backboard and strong supports that won’t break the backboard or your bedroom door. The 24 inch backboard is home to a small, 9 inch breakaway rim. The rim has a real professional feel, with enclosed springs that provide superior support.

The mounting mechanism adjusts the height up to 13 inches, allowing this hoop to grow along with your children. It even comes with a miniature 5 inch synthetic leather basketball. The ball itself isn’t great, and it would be a lot better if it was actually made of rubber, but a quick visit to your local sporting goods store will fix that.

The mounting unit is easy to install and very durable, and doesn’t place undue stress on your door when dunked on. This definitely doesn’t have the feel of a cheap miniature indoor hoop. This genuinely feels like a professional-grade hoop that’s been sized down for younger kids. This obviously isn’t for everybody, but if you’re looking for a good way to introduce your young ones to the world of basketball, you’d be hard-pressed to finds a better choice.

Verdict: Cost effective and expertly made. Perfect for younger children.

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Wall-Mounted Hoops Under $1000

5.Goalsetter GS48 Wall Mounted Adjustable Basketball System

At a Glance


Weight 75 pounds
Backboard Tempered glass; 48 inches
Rim Enclosed-spring breakaway
Warranty Limited lifetime
Mounting Kit Included


I know what you’re thinking. A thousand dollars for a wall-mounted basketball system? But this is no ordinary basketball system. This is a high-end basketball system that’s as professionally made as anything else.

For starters, the backboard is made with high quality tempered glass that performs as well as any glass backboard I’ve seen. The breakaway rim is NBA quality, and provides plenty of give for even the heaviest of dunks. The backboard is situated with 2 ½ feet of clearance from the wall mount, giving you plenty of room to maneuver beneath the basket for tricky layups. And an easy-to-reach crank shaft allows for height adjustment between 7 ½ and 10 feet.

What’s more, the Goalsetter is available in four different sizes: 48 inches, 54 inches, 60 inches, and the NBA regulation 72 inches. The Goalsetter is just as comfortable indoors as it is outdoors, and is indeed perfect for setting up a makeshift arena inside a gym or warehouse.

The Goalsetter basketball system is among the most expensive wall-mounted basketball hoops on the market, but it offers a professional-level performance worthy of the price. And thanks to its wall mount design, it’s far more stable than a portable hoop. At the same time, it can be uninstalled and transported to another location, which you can’t easily do with an in-ground hoop. In some ways, the Goalsetter is the best of both world, the ideal middle ground between portability and permanence.

Verdict: Equal parts expensive and impressive. May be too expensive for casual use, but well suited for high school / collegiate athletes.

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Final Thoughts

I will never forget the opening scenes of the 1996 comedy Space Jam. A young black boy shoots a basketball in the night sky while the inspiring words of R. Kelly serenade us. The legacy Michael Jordan left the world of basketball can never be bested.

Perhaps more than any other sport, basketball is a game for everyone. Young and old, rich or poor, boy or girl, anyone can enjoy the competitive fun of the world’s greatest sport. Whether you’re looking for something to keep your kids occupied on a rainy day or a basketball hoop system worthy of a superstar, there’s something out there for you.

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